photo by Robert Schlesinger

Restaurant Horváth

The Hosts

Sebastian Frank, originally from Lower Austria near the Burgenland boarder, embarked on his culinary journey with training and formative experiences, including a notable stint at Vienna’s renowned Steirereck under the mentorship of Helmut Reit. In 2010, he relocated to Berlin, where he develop his own style at Horváth. Just one year later, he earned his first Michelin star. In 2014, Sebastian Frank and his wife Jeannine assumed ownership of the restaurant, which has consistently held two Michelin stars since 2015. Jeannine, a trained hotel manager, runs the business side of the restaurant. Alongside their dedicated young team, the couple has curated an unconventional yet casually refined fine dining experience that artfully celebrates the seasons. Their fresh culinary concepts and warm hospitality embody the essence of Horváth.

the restaurant

Welcome to Horváth in Berlin Kreuzberg, where our restaurant is defined by a harmonious blend of historic warm wood wall panels, contemporary design aesthetics, and the vibrant mural crafted by artist Jim Avignon. At the heart of the restaurant, which underwent a complete renovation in 2021, stand the floor-to-ceiling glass-enclosed kitchen with a Chef's Table. During the summer months, our inviting garden offers a delightful dining experience beneath a canopy of vines. For nearly a century, our restaurant has thrived in the vibrant and creative quarter along Paul-Lincke-Ufer. The location gained renown thanks to Austrian philosopher and writer Oswald Wiener, who, in 1973, established ‘Exil’ together with Michel Würthle, a cultural hub of its time. Ingrid Wiener, an accomplished artist and Oswald’s wife, presided over the kitchen. Notable names like David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Helmut Newton and Jack Nicholson were among the frequent patrons of Exil, which was a legendary fusion of an Austrian restaurant and a Berlin pub. The understated elegance of our unconventional Michelin-starred restaurant creates a warm, relaxed yet refined atmosphere. The new Horváth embodies our contemporary identity, cherishing our heritage, embracing tradition and celebrating creativity and innovation.

Kreuzberg Flair on Paul-Lincke-Ufer

Along the lively Paul-Lincke-Ufer on the Landwehrkanal are numerous restaurants, cafés and small shops. A young, creative scene characterises the district, which is known beyond national borders for its multicultural atmosphere. Chef Sebastian Frank also occasionally strolls through the weekly market on Maybachufer opposite to buy fresh vegetables from regional farmers. In summer, guests dine in the idyllic, vine-covered front garden - a real insider tip in the midst of lively Kreuzberg life...