Emancipated vegetable cuisine *

Concentrated. Unconventional. Powerful.

Fine dining restaurant in Berlin,
awarded 2 Michelin stars
and 5 toques in the Gault Millau

‘Unburdened by conventions and norms, Sebastian Frank breaks from the assumed traditional constraints of haute cuisine, offering one of the most uniquely individual menus in Germany. His culinary vision prioritises the creation of powerful dishes, aiming above all to craft authentic flavour profiles that embody his culinary identity.‘

Gault Millau, 2023

*emancipated vegetable cuisine

Sebastian Frank's innovative concept of emancipated vegetable cuisine harnesses the power and aroma of vegetables and fruits, seamlessly incorporating them with meat-based flavours and seasonings to achieve a harmonious blend of taste, texture and consistency. A fully vegetarian menu is also an integral part of our vision for emancipated vegetable cuisine.


The cuisine
Sebastian Frank's emancipated vegetable cuisine is shaped by personal memories, the taste of his Austrian homeland, filled with the culinary richness of the cultural landscape of the Pannonian Plain.



Also emancipated is the beverage accompaniment by Sommelier Michi Stiel, who gives Horváth guests every choice.
The non-alcoholic beverages complete the variety of flavors of the dishes and are much more than just an alternative to our wine accompaniment.