In the glass

The beverage pairing by Michi Stiel at Horváth is characterised by its emancipatory approach, offering guests the freedom to make their own choices. The wine pairing and wine list introduce the rich tapestry of the Pannonian wine world to the glass, featuring selections from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, and Slovakia. This focus is truly unique, encompassing both classically renowned vintages and exciting discoveries in natural wines. In 2023, Horváth's wine list was awarded the Grand Selection Award Wine by Gault Millau, recognising it as one of the finest in Germany. The alcohol-free beverage pairing, featuring house-made essences, foams, juices, and liquids, exudes elegance, refinement and innovative creativity. With the beverage pairing, we transcend boundaries, offering an exhilarating blend of house-crafted beverages and exciting new wine discoveries. In any case, we tailor our accompaniments to your individual culinary journey. Sommelier Michi Stiel and the Horváth service team are at your disposal.


Small|Large: 90€ | 120€


Small|Large: 132€ | 176€

*Wine or alcohol free accompaniment

Non-Alcoholic Pairing
Small | Larg: 138€ | 184€

Our wine menu

The wine list presents wines mainly from the regions of Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, following the culinary origin and inspiration of Sebastian Frank. Classic Great Growths can be found on the wine list as well as unconventional natural wines. Each wine is allowed to tell a story and reflects the region, the terroir or the signature of the winemaker. Each product that finds a place on the wine list is made with a lot of craftsmanship and passion.

Wine List