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Our Wine Menu

Our winelist is compiled almost entirely of wines from the former Austro-Hungarian empire, that is Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia. Host and sommelière Janine Woltaire also includes wines from Germany. In her selection, she offers a platform to established winemakers as well as to younger, less known vintners and she’s always on the lookout for new discoveries. At the moment, these are coming from regions more to the east. The idea is that each wine tell a story, as well as reflect the region, the terroir and the winemaker’s signature. Each product at Horváth is the result of great effort, craft and passion.

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Drink pairings

Janine Woltaire will be happy to accompany you through the evening with suitable drinks. Whether as a harmonious complement to an appetizer or as a challenging counterpoint to a vegetable dish - our wine pairing is closely coordinated with the creative menu of chef Sebastian Frank. The non-alcoholic beverages complete the variety of flavors of the dishes and have become much more than just an alternative to the wine accompaniment. A mix of the matching non-alcoholic drinks and the wine pairing is also possible.

All prices are in euros and incl. VAT.


Our creative drinks

We are very fond of our alternative, non-alcoholic pairings.

Sebastian Frank and his souschef Matthias Schlönvoigt have developed a series of drinks that are always freshly prepared and perfectly suited to the respective menu. These are based on tea extracts, homemade vegetable juices, high-quality oils and reductions and are ideal for all those who like a different kind of drink.


Apple & Malt


Yellow Beetroot & Pumpkin seed oil

Whey, Horseradish & Honey

Radicchio & Beechnut and lemon oil

Pear & Bell pepper mint reduction

Mushroom & Anise

Carott, Terragon & Juniper

Pumpkin & cherry core oil



Janine Woltaire – Host and sommelière

Born in Hamburg, Janine Woltaire came to Berlin to study politics before falling in love with the restaurant business. A few years ago, she took the plunge and decided to qualify as a sommelière. Tolerance, cosmopolitanism and hospitality are the most important aspects of her work. 

In selecting wine, Woltaire is particularly interested in character and quality. She believes that wines should be elegant but also exciting so that they can be paired with first-class modern dishes. Her list features wines from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia and is thus in keeping with Sebastian Frank’s philosophy and his form of creative and regional cuisine, inspired by a childhood in a country which remains influenced by the former Austro-Hungarian empire. 

The list boasts some 200 wines to inspire connoisseurs as well as those less familiar with the featured wine regions, whom Woltaire is happy to advise. There is also a special option for guests who prefer not to drink alcohol: In such a case, the dishes on the menu are perfectly paired with freshly-made non-alcoholic beverages, sometimes made with vegetable juices.