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Dinner menu


  • Vegetable Soup
    • Almond oil, reduced cream
  • Trout "Horváth"
    • White chocolate cream, dill
  • Piglet 
    • Celeriac seeds, frozen "Pusztasalat"
  • King Oysters 
    • Slivovitz egg yolk sauce, herb butter
  • Celeriac
    • Bell pepper cream, Mangalica bacon
  • Cream
    • Sherbet of mint and parsley
  • Caraway Meringue
    • Woodruff, frozen piney oil
  • Signature-dishes from Sebastian Frank:
  • Celeriac Ripe and Young
  • Mushroom Liver & Yeast Bun

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Wine menu
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Emancipatory cooking

Our head chef Sebastian Frank considers all products equal. For him vegetables, meat and fish are all actors on an equal footing that can take on various roles depending on whether they are used to spice up a dish, lend consistency or play the lead. 

Sebastian describes his approach to cooking as "emancipatory". He breaks traditional conventions associated with certain products and "frees" them. 

Quality and being conscious of how food is grown, prepared and cooked are crucial. He focuses on products from his home region in Austria, but also cultivates herbs and other plants on his roof terrace for use in the restaurant kitchen. He has developed a very individual style of cooking with vegetables and his exacting, pioneering cuisine soars and crosses boundaries.